Greetings, what do we mean by that?

Have you ever grabbed a dictionary in an attempt to verify that a word is truly spelled the way you speak it? Often times, when you dwell on a particular word, it can sometimes begin to sound foreign to your ears. For instance, think of the word “greetings.” Where did such a word come from?

The definition of greetings is: the acts or words of one who greets. That works. Except, what then does “greet” mean? According to the same dictionary: To address with friendliness, or to meet or receive in a particular way. If that is the case, what then would be the purpose of greeting cards?

As anyone who has studied the English language can tell you, English is by far one of the hardest languages to learn. Just the word “greetings” should prove that point. When one thinks of greetings and/or greeting cards, they are immediately drawn to thoughts of friendliness or joy. Ironically, greeting cards, do not necessarily address one with friendliness. Often times, they communicate a person’s sadness or forgiveness, anger, even grief. In other words, greetings are meant to bring an acknowledgement of something: joyous occasions, negative moments or thoughts, positive events or feelings, or something in-between.

As the definition implies above, greetings are a supposed way to touch someone in a some way or another. When a person sends a greeting card, they will often send birthday cards, holiday cards or maybe even a card just to say hello, reconnecting with loved ones or friends. Sometimes, greetings are meant to comfort. Such as when one loses a loved one. A greeting card can touch their heart and ease their loss in a personal way. Greeting cards can uplift and soothe a lonely soul. They can be used as to sen condolences to someone who has been hospitalized for an accident or illness, as well as bring laughter and joy. There is such a amusement in receiving funny greeting cards from someone during a trying time.

Maybe you have angered someone or hurt their feelings and need to put your thoughts on paper, but can’t seem to find the words. Greeting cards can provide the perfect solution. They can give you a sense of fulfillment when you find just the right card, saying what what you want, in just the right way. Many a relationship has been saved by something as simple as a greeting card.

There are, of course, greetings that are less tasteful when one wishes to convey negative things. I do have to wonder about creators of greeting cards that say things to purposely anger someone, in doing so warping the meaning of “greetings” entirely!

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