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Happy Father’s Day

Imagine for a moment, rather than Father’s day greeting cards we had Parent’s day cards instead. it could have happened. During the 1920s and 30s, a movement began to eliminate Mother’s and Father’s Day in favor of a single holiday to be called Parents’ Day…


Greetings, what do we mean by that?

The definition of greetings is: the acts or words of one who greets. That works. Except, what then does “greet” mean? According to the same dictionary: To address with friendliness, or to meet or receive in a particular way. If that is the case, what then would be the purpose of greeting cards?..


Living with Coyotes in Arizona

Coyotes are curious, clever and adaptable. They quickly learn to take advantage of any newly discovered food source (Coyotes are known to eat pet food and knock over unsecured garbage cans.). They may walk along the tops of walls in search of…


Arizona Spanish Missions

Beginning in the sixteenth century, Spanish Missionaries began establishing Missions throughout the southwest in an area they called New Spain. The area was made up of the northern part Mexico and large portions of the southwest, including Arizona and New Mexico. Over 20 Missions were founded, including…


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